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Default May Modern Raiways, Map of London's Railways

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On 12 May, 16:41, E27002 wrote:
On May 11, 2:40 pm, "Jack Taylor" wrote:

E27002 wrote:
So, yesterday evening I went to my PMB, and there among the pile of
assorted mail was Modern Railways, May edition. It was crinkled in
a way of only the international postal services can achieve.

Once home I was delighted to find the enclosed, detailed, map of
London's railway infrastructure. But, why did Ian Allan have to
staple in to the magazine? It was awkward to remove, and like my
fingers it now has staple holes. I wish it could simply been folded
and included, better yet sent unfolded in a tube. I know I ask a
lot and it is really good to have it.

Curious to see that Neasden Jn. and Neasden South Jn. appear to
have been transposed. In previous editions of Baker, in "Miles and
Chains" and in David Maxey's "Mile By Mile" Neasden Jn. is marked
as that on the Dudding Hill line, whilst that on the Chiltern line
is Neasden South Jn. This map marks them the opposite way round.

I don't know enough to comment on that. Although I suspect that the
earlier maps are correct.

May MR also has pictures of the new units for the "Goblin" line? Are
these the first diesel trains utilized for passenger service by TfL
and its predecessors?

Has the Goblin been out of action since the inception of London