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Default Why people dislike KX [was: Last train KGX-CBG]

On Sep 18, 8:51*pm, Tom Anderson wrote:

On Sat, 18 Sep 2010, Roland Perry wrote:

In message , at 20:19:03 on Sat, 18 Sep
2010, Paul Bird remarked:

What is needed is a 3d map of the whole KX system so one can see
immediately where the quick cut throughs are.

Time to post this again I suppose (for the umpteenth time):

The celebrated Perry map! It doesn't show the subway from the northern
ticket hall into the north end of St Pancras, but that's not a significant
omission really.

The message i take home from it is that going via the new northern ticket
hall is only a good idea if one end of your interchange is the Thameslink
platforms. For *every* other interchange, going via the old ticket hall is
either quicker or about the same (Picc to StP mainline, for instance -
might be a bit shorter via the NTH, but there's not a lot in it).

No, the new passageway undoubtedly makes sense for access to the
Southeastern Highspeed platforms at St Pancras, and also the Midland
platforms too despite the small dogleg down the 'arcade' to get to the
escalators to ascend up to them.

The northern ticket hall also seems to be a good place to go to, er,
get an actual ticket (or indeed a 'virtual' one, in the form of some
sort of Oyster type thing like a top-up) - the queues aren't the
horror they are elsewhere.

In practice, that means you keep an eye out for shiny new passageways, and
avoid them.

...pause... No, I shall resist making that comment, and any variant