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Default Strike contingency plan Walthamstow to Heathrow

On Jun 9, 9:38*pm, Jarle H Knudsen wrote:
This year s London vacation is coming up, and what do you know? The RMT is
threatening to strike when one of us is flying home from Heathrow.

We are staying in Walthamstow, near Bakers Arms (Lea Bridge Road/Hoe
Street/High Road Leyton intersection)[1]. The flight is scheduled for
0950am on Thursday, June 30.

If there is no tube, how do we best get to Heathrow? I assume other
services are not affected.

[1] At the King William the Fourth Bar and Hotel, actually. A fantastic pub
we discovered last year, with their own brewery next door, Brodie's Beers..


I would seriously think about getting a minicab, either all the way to
Heathrow or to Paddington for the Heathrow Express. This would be
about 35.

If you do want to go by public transport, then it will have to be a
bus, and it will have to be sometime between 4am and 5am. Buses get
very crowded after that on tube strike days.

The first stop on bus no. 55 is virtually opposite the King William
The Fourth pub, outside Tescos, and the first bus departs at 4am,
which will take you to Oxford Circus, from where you can take a bus or
cab to Paddington.

The N26 from outside the pub will take you to Liverpool Street,
Aldwych and Trafalgar Square.

There are also night buses from round the croner in Lea Bridge Road,
on routes N55 (Oxford Circus) or N38 (Victoria).

I am sure Comrade Crow is just limbering up for the Olympics.