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Default Strike contingency plan Walthamstow to Heathrow

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Fri, 10 Jun 2011, Jarle H Knudsen remarked:
On Fri, 10 Jun 2011 08:19:26 +0100, Roland Perry wrote:

It often helps to say which terminal (or which airline so we can look it

Terminal 3.


If there is no tube, how do we best get to Heathrow?
I assume other services are not affecte d.

That's a difficult journey even if everything's running. What time have
you been told to be at Heathrow - 0650 recommended I'd have thought.

Three hours before the flight? Latest check in is 45 minutes before the
flight, according to the ticket (Scandinavian Arlines). I've always aimed
for two hours.

Europe - 2hrs. At an airport like Heathrow, 45mins is extremely tight
(and probably a figure they quote for all airports big and small).

Try a 'national rail' train from Walthamstow Central to Liverpool Street
[05:19 is the first], taxi to Paddington [5 miles], then Heathrow
Express [06.25 should be possible].

I've been advised off-group by a frequent u.t.l poster that NXEA to
Liverpool Street gets very busy during tube strikes,

Maybe not so bad a 6am though.

and that Paddington
have been fairly hard to reach in previous strikes because the Circle / H&C
lines across the top of the circle have not run.

Hence the taxi (or if you allow enough time, some buses).

However, will The Chingford - Liverpool St service be too busy to travel
with heavy luggage as early as 6am?

I very much doubt it will be busy that early. The trains don't even
start running till 5.19am (at Walthamstow).

If I punch in Walthamstow Central to paddington in the Journy Planner, it
suggests Bus 23 from Liverpool St Station to Paddington Station [1], taking
47 mins. Is that a bad idea?

Buses not always much fun with lots of luggage - but maybe you could
test this out when you first get to London.

Or book a minicab all the way, which should take less than an hour
that time of day.

How much would that cost?

You have to ask around in Walthamstow or check online. 50-60 I guess.
Send the bill to the RMT!

[1] If i put in Walthamstow Central to Heathrow Terminals 1-3 instead, it
says Bus 214 from Liverpool St to Mornington Crescent Station and then Bus
27 to Paddington. (Both Journeys starting at 6:04 from Walthamstow
Central.) Strange.

Journey planners are like that. They are picking the bus to get you
their first, given your arrival time at the station.
Roland Perry