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Default Gatwick Express/Gold Card/Gatwick ticket machines

On Wed, 11 Feb 2004 23:38:21 GMT, Rupert Goodwins

Thanks. I didn't get a leaflet with my card (it's an Oyster) and doesn't mention LT Gold Cards. Is it the same as a
Network Railcard?

Sort of, but with a few extra benefits (no Minimum Fare, Child Flat Fare
of 1.00, and First Class upgrades available for 3.00 Adult, 1.50
Child, as opposed to 10 Minimum, 81% Discount (based on the
undiscounted Adult Fare) for Children and no First Class upgrades on
'normal' Network Railcards).

I must say, I find the Gatwick Express/South Central mix confusing.
Especially late on a Saturday night, and *especially* after a long
party in Lewes to celebrate a journalist's 50th birthday.

It does seem rather silly to have a dedicated TOC for a service that
only calls at two stations, but that decision goes back to the days of
BR when GatEx was part of the InterCity Sector.



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