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Default Tube Plan To Axe 1,500 Jobs And Close All But 30 Ticket Offices

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Yes, that's pretty much what it says. I think the operator will
still be in charge of closing the doors, but won't normally sit in
the cab (in fact, future trains may not have a cab as such).

OTOH all the trains currently being introduced check the doors by
using a bank of CCTV monitors in the cab, with the pictures provided
by fixed cameras all the way down the platform. They aren't likely
to replicate that feature at a number of positions all the way down
the train, so even with full ATO, I expect the proposed DLR style
'door closer' is still going to sit in the cab.

Yes, I wondered about that. Of course, from a centre position, the
operator could probably see all the doors anyway on a straight platform.
So perhaps the controls would, at most, be placed at a couple of
positions down the train, as well as at the cab end (where there would
obviously be additional controls locked away in a cabinet).