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Default shock, horror: few commuters using dangleway

On Sat, 17 Nov 2012 12:27:05 +0000, Basil Jet

On 2012\11\17 12:25, Basil Jet wrote:
On 2012\11\17 10:44, Recliner wrote:
Neil Williams wrote:
Basil Jet wrote:

I think anyone with a monthly or longer travelcard season should be
allowed to use it free, that way the tourists would still have to pay.

I think anyone with a Travelcard or Oyster cap should be able to use it,
it's public transport. Just set a high Oyster single fare, and a
cash fare per the Tube.

Yes, I suspect that they'll have to do something like that, once they've
got through all the "early adopters", prepared to pay a premium price for
the views. Of course, if they do as you suggest, Freedom pass holders
also get to travel free.

They should also let unemployed people travel free, otherwise it's a
mockery calling them gone-dolers.

Are they able to unhook most of gondolas in the winter, or did our
green-crazy TfL not think of that?

That's certainly possible in the Alps, and as the Thames cable car is
a fairly standard Doppelmayr (Austrian) design, it should be possible
(assuming they have somewhere to garage them). Here's a pic I took of
the gondola garage of the Eagle Express (also built by Doppelmayr) on
the way up to the Alpen Tower on the Planplatten, the viewing plateau
high above Meiringen.

You can also see how they can easily swap special purpose gondolas
into the stream -- this pic shows a cargo gondola, carrying a folded
hang glider: