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Default Upgrading GNER ticket to First Class

"Cameron Davies" wrote in message
Tomorrow, I'll be travelling on the return portion of a Standard Open
Return from Peterborough-Zone 1 back north (price 56). The
equivalent any permitted First Open Return is 84 - i.e. 28 more
expensive. If I were to go to the GNER ticket office tomorrow morning
and request my return portion be upgraded/excessed to First Class, do
I just pay 14 (as the 28 difference is for the return ticket and I'm
only making the single leg)? Do I also have to pay an admin fee for

If the price is only 14, then I'll definitely upgrade my ticket and
use the 1st Lounge at Kings Cross.

Last time I travelled on GNER - 3rd - I heard an announcement that said any
passenger could upgrade their ticket to travel in First for a 10
supplement, but not applicable to those holding APEX or SAR.