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Default Modern DC EMUs

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With an older DC EMU such as a 4-CEP I imagine that the driving motor
car can be uncoupled from the set and run independently under its own
power, and that 2 such cars could form a 2 car train.

This is not always the case with Mk1 EMUs - as I understand it, in
some units (like the 4-CIG IIRC) the driving cars are not the motor
cars - the units have separate driving trailers and a single motor
car. In this case, the 3rd Rail pickup shoes are on the
leading/trailing vehicles and not the motor car itself, so apart from
having no cab, an isolated motor car like this would have no power

However, in principle, I believe you are correct with some stock which
indeed has driving motor cars.

Absolutely. The shortest formation for a CEP unit is 2-CEP (both driving
vehicles, which have cabs, pick-up shoes and are motored), whilst the
shortest formation for a CIG or VEP is 3-CIG/3-VEP, for the reasons that you
give (driving trailers and a centre motored vehicle).