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Default 95 stock refurb

Clank wrote on 27 May 2017 at 14:25 ...
On 26.05.2017 2:53 AM, Richard J. wrote:
Recliner wrote on 25 May 2017 at 21:12 ...
A jubilee train I was on this morning had had an interior refresh. New
flooring, grey grab handles and a deep clean by the looks of it. Is this
going to be done to the whole fleet as a mid life refurb or is it just on
an ad hoc basis?

The Jubilee line runs 96 stock, not 95 stock. Refurbishment of 96 stock started this year.

What happened to the vogue for grab rails and the like to be

It looks much nicer now (and I always liked the idea of them being in line
colour better), but won't the "think of the blind goatherders" brigade be
up in arms?

And with good reason if the grey is the same colour as the grab rails above the doors in 92 stock on the Central Line. All the other rails on that stock are red, and I wondered why there was no grab rail for people standing
by the middle of the doors. Then I realised that there was indeed a rail above my head, carefully camouflaged in light grey against an off-white background.

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