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Default Johnston font welcome sign at Gainsborough Lea Road

On 21 May 2018 18:26:59 GMT, Marland

Richard J. wrote:
Recliner wrote on 21 May 2018 at 15:47 ...

I was wandering down the Thames the other day, after a tour of Fullers
Brewery, and spotted a blue plaque that really deserves to be in Johnston

It is indeed in Johnston font, not that you'd know from the awful Bing
maps, which also gets the road name wrong. It's Hammersmith Terrace
there, not Chiswick Mall.

ISTR there is a marker stone that marks the boundary between Hammersmith
and Chiswick,
Surprisingly nondescript and a bit overshadowed now.
Ahh found a piccy.

Itís a walk I do a couple of time a year as I have rellies living nearby
one of whom does a running / fast walk circuit most days along both banks
using Hammersmith and Barnes bridges, hope I have his energy when Iím 85.

A good many of the properties along there now belong to Russian oligarchs
that have invested the money they have acquired in them and are pricey
even by London standards.
Surprisingly the Chiswick end used to be quite industrial with the Fullers
Brewery being about the last.
Thornicrofts the shipbuilders were located there until they moved to
Southampton in the 1900ís

There used to be healthy communities of houseboats as well but they were
priced out about 50 years ago
So although a pleasant walk it isnít quite as interesting to me as it once

I'm assuming that the oligarchs don't live in the flood-prone
low-lying properties close to the river? Judging by these household
flood barriers and glass walls, the river gets pretty high on a
regular basis:

I'm bemused why people would live in basement flats in a flood-prone