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Default City plans to trial petrol and diesel ban

Graeme Wall wrote:
On 01/11/2018 09:35, Recliner wrote: a77

Good luck with that one. Are there enough low emission buses, taxis,
delivery vehicles, and so on to make it even remotely practical?

Given enough notice those things can mainly be coped with, Taxis and Buses
are already well on the way.
To be honest the article isn’t that clear if it is just cars or vehicles.
Cars would imply private ones and presumably ones operated by the emergency
services would be allowed.
That still leaves a lot of service provision on the edge though, while it
is not an emergency in the 999 sense
someone who urgently needs a plumber because their leak is potentially
causing thousands of pounds of damage to their flat and others below may
not be that happy to be told “sorry most of our vehicles are not allowed
where you live,the one that is won’t be free for hours”, and that scenario
will apply to a multitude of items from photocopiers to freezers in shops
and restaurants at least for a while till vehicle development catches up
with the market.