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Default City plans to trial petrol and diesel ban

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Thu, 1 Nov 2018, Graham Harrison
What we need to prevent is regular journeys, not all journeys - that
would also cover emergency vehicles, people having to fix things and so
on, but not daily deliveries or commuting to work.

I can definitely relate to this "occasional use" exemption. There are
many driving restrictions in place which are primarily aimed at regular
drivers. If I was to venture inside the N/S circulars in my diesel car,
or use the Dartford Crossing, one or twice a year, would it really break
the bank to waive the fee?

Probably not BUT where do you set the limit?

Somewhere between five and ten per scheme per annum.

In any case, this is not about raking in money (even though it might do
so). It's about air quality and therefore keeping as many "polluting
vehicles" out is/should be the aim.

While I agree that regular vehicles like commuters' cars, and ultra-
regular users like taxis, buses and many delivery vans, should be
cleaned up, the hoops someone who drives a few miles in such an area
five times a year is expected to jump through (such as buying a new car
for those rare Central London trips, or driving the other way round the
M25 to avoid Dartford) is totally disproportionate.

Roland Perry