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Default New timetables online: Park Royal parly to be diverted

On Sun, 25 Nov 2018 22:54:58 -0000 (UTC), Recliner

Basil Jet wrote:
On 25/11/2018 20:21, Roger Lynn wrote:
On 25/11/18 01:40, Basil Jet wrote:
On 25/11/2018 00:55, Recliner wrote:
However, I hope that Chiltern's request for a reopened line into the new
OOC Crossrail/HS2/GWR station comes to fruition, so it can run an hourly
service to it from Milton Keynes via Aylesbury.

It seems like a stupid place to terminate - I can't see many people
getting trains in from High Wycombe to change onto HS2 for Birmingham.
Crossrail is just a glorified tube line - although I suppose the other
Chiltern trains terminate at a station with only one tube line.

Connections to Heathrow and the GWML would be useful. At the moment
getting to Heathrow from Chiltern stations is a pain and it's easier and
faster to drive or get a coach.

I wasn't suggesting it shouldn't go to OOC - just that it should go on
to Clapham Junction afterwards, giving Chiltern stations a one change
journey to Gatwick and half the country.

I don't think there would be any route beyond OOC to the West London line.
The Crossrail depot is in the way.

Round the north side meeting the WLL on the south side of Willesden
Junction IIRC.