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Default Sadiq's looming poll tax moment

On Mon, 17 Dec 2018 10:38:57 +0000
Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 09:46:48 on Mon, 17 Dec
2018, remarked:
The french peages allow you to use electronic tokens that open the barrier
automaticaly or the option of credit card or cash payments. Theres zero
reason a similar system couldn't have been adopted here.

the French peage are routinely almost empty. The same cannot be said of the

Out in the sticks yes, near big cities not always. Anyway, the northbound
dartfords queues have never been due to the tolls, its always been down to
squeezing one of the busiest motorways in europe 6 lanes down + local feeder
roads into 4 narrow lanes with a de facto speed limit of around 25mph on a
good day.

Not "always". Originally it was about squeezing two lanes of dual
carriageway, and some local traffic, into a single-bore tunnel.

No doubt it was just as bad then. The point still stands that it doesn't matter
what you do with the northbound tolls, the tunnels themselves are the