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Default City plans to trial petrol and diesel ban

On 19/01/2019 21:24, Theo wrote:
Graeme Wall wrote:
Battery buses here in Guildford seem to cope with the hills with no
problems. They've just been introduced on the park and ride services
which all involve climbing hills many times a day.

Electric buses are better for hills than diesel ones - they can regenerate
on the way down, instead of using friction braking. Saves energy and
reduces particulate emissions from brake pads.

I've used the BYD P&R buses in Nottingham which are electric - seem nippier
than diesel too. Nice that the Guildford ones are built by Alexander Dennis
in Guildford.

Depending on the street layout, it might be feasible to fit trolley wires to
key thoroughfares (think Oxford Street) and have the buses run on battery on
non-wired parts of the route. That would reduce the size of battery they
have to drag around, and so the weight and cost.

That would make the tourist areas look like crap. It's better and
cheaper to have charging pads in the road at termini and other lengthy
stops. This was, and presumably still is, used on bus route 69 with
charging pads at Canning Town and Walthamstow.

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