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Default GOBLIN electric tomorrow 28/01

On Wed, 30 Jan 2019 12:44:08 +0000
Basil Jet wrote:
On 29/01/2019 20:39, wrote:
On Tue, 29 Jan 2019 15:10:40 +0000
Robin9 wrote:
Boltar vindicated! TfL converted to Boltar's point of view! Let the
church bells ring out! I travelled in that 378 along GOBLIN today
at 13.00.

I get no pleasure from it. Its our money these clowns have wasted on the 710
herd of white elephants. And apart from the dodgy software they're also fugly

compared to the 378s.

It was a double first for me today. While waiting for the 378,
two westbound freight trains in succession lumbered through
Leyton Midland Road Station. I've never experienced that before.

Spend enough time at Highbury waiting for an ELL train to finally turn up and

then wait 7 mins for it to reverse and you'll see plenty of freight trains go


Oh good lord, now you're whining about the fact that trains have
recovery time and don't need it because they're on time.

When the East London Line moved from being a tube line to part of the overground
we were promised a metro level service. So far they're failed to deliver. A
10 minute wait in the morning rush hour is NOT acceptable. As for turn around
time - in many other countries a driver is waiting at the terminus for a train
to arrive and he immediately takes over. Stepping back I believe its called.
Turn around time about 1 minute.