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Default This group now blocked in Google Groups

In reply to this mail from Guy Gorton to on 4 Feb 2019 at 19:15 ...

On Mon, 4 Feb 2019 18:41:27 +0100, Eric wrote:

It is now impossible to even read it there. The explanation is excessive
spam, which is true, but much of it was created in Google Groups
anyway. So much for Google being a safe custodian of the Usenet archive.


My feed comes from and I see it through Agent
2.0/32.652. All the useless posts about spurious medicines and drugs
are a nuisance but only take me 30 seconds to delete permanently. I
have been seeing other posts on this group but not a lot of them.
Hope you see this one.

Guy in theUK

Guy Gorton

Yes, I saw your post Guy, using Thunderbird to get posts from the Virgin Media news server at Like you, I find it only takes a few seconds to scan the posts from to make sure none are genuine transport posts, and if so to add them to the list of exceptions to my filter which marks them as probable spam.

What is the best route to complain to Google that they are needlessly excluding genuine usenet posts? And that the spam originates with people that Google are continually allowing to register new temporary addresses for the sole purpose of sending spam. Google, the spam is YOUR FAULT!
Richard J.
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