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Default Uber Representative Calls For A United Protest

On 12/02/2019 17:27, wrote:

I have wondered if all the transport companies should have got together and
refused to make deliveries if they have to pay the charge and see what the
little squirt does when the shelves empty in central london.

A nice idea, but there are very few transport companies in a position to
influence the vote in central London. The only way to prevent what Khan
and BoJo before him wanted to do would be to get local voters to
threaten to vote them out.

Refusing to deliver stuff would just annoy the voters, and make them
more likely to support Khan, if anything.

I drive a coach for a living, and I know that the industry has been
lobbying strongly, and has been totally ignored. I assume the haulage
industry has been doing the same.

On the other hand, a lot of "important" people live and vote in Central
London, and they tend not to care about the problems and costs of
delivering what they want, but if they can convince themselves that
supporting even the tiny reduction in pollution that will result is
good, then that's what they will vote for.

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