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Default Extra train on the Goblin yesterday

Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 10:13:12 on Sun, 24
Mar 2019, Robin9 remarked:

I travelled on Goblin yesterday. For a Saturday, the trains were
surprisingly full and standing. Reverting to a half-hourly service
does not seem to have depressed patronage.

Anything to do with the People's Vote march?

I made my way by Underground from Liverpool street to Waterloo at about
18.00 yesterday and a while before from Alexandra Palace and expected it
to be a lot busier than it was ,maybe most people had not commenced their
journeys home by then.
That being said by the time my train left at 19 whatever it was it did
become noticeable busier on the Waterloo concourse and some had definitely
been on the March as they had some of their posters on sticks etc still
with them but I have seen the train to Salisbury and beyond busier when SWT
had one of their offers on in school holidays, but there again this area is
staunchly leave so may not have fielded as many marchers as some.
My initial plan was to travel back a lot later and miss any crowds as
usually I combine a trip to London with a visit to one of the few surviving
relatives there but the phone call to see if it was alright to drop in
went a bit awkward. Hello, first time in a year I’m in London all right to
drop in for an hour ? Pause from my Uncle not really, didn’t you get my
message this morning ? ( first time he has phoned me in years) No, I left
Your Aunt died two days ago and I haven’t been in a state to let people
What Sod’s law timing.