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Default London pollution monitoring

Graeme Wall wrote:
On 10/05/2019 10:52, Recliner wrote:
Graeme Wall wrote:
On 10/05/2019 09:25, Recliner wrote:
Air pollution: Snuff out scented candles and avoid Tube — how to clean your
air 691

Usual problem with these sort of tests, they are only measuring one type
of pollutant. Tends to lead to simplistic "cures" that only address part
of the problem. It was the same concentration on one pollutant and
ignoring the others that gave us the Diesel Disaster.

True, though particulates seem to be one of the main causes of urban
ill-health. That's now a much bigger factor than global warming, at least
as far as local regulations are concerned.

My point was that there are several types of particulate, acknowledged
in the article. The exercise only monitored one of them. By
concentrating on one of them we run the risk of a simplistic "fix" at
best leaving the others as they are or at worst exacerbating the
problems caused by the others. Which is what happened with the diesel
disaster. By only addressing the CO2 problem they made the health
problem far worse.

Yes, that's true.