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Roland Perry wrote:
Anyone going on the trips tomorrow?

I went on the first one today, departure was delayed for quite a while as
something went wrong .
I cannot confirm but the rumour was that Sarah Siddons lost or suffered
damaged shoe gear which had to be fixed.
Still the Sun was out and people seemed quite stoical and I personally did
not witness anyone getting the grump. The first train ran very close in
the slot of the 2nd and TFL created a later slot for the third.

As can be imagined there were many “ normals “ reaching for phone devices
to record what they were seeing
having been alerted by station announcements and I believe some from train
drivers as well.
Witnessed an act of consideration when the driver of an inbound service
train into Ealing Broadway platform 8 realising that a lot people were
still jostling to get some photos of the special on platform 9 stopped
short for a few moments so their view wasn’t blocked.

When the trips were advertised I initially baulked at the cost of a trip
but later thought what the eck and bought one, partly because the West end
of the District holds a lot of memories.
Today I looked down on a recreation ground near Turnham Green where 60
years ago I stood on top of a slide
to get a better view of a Steam train passing. The prefabs that used to be
there as well have long gone.