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Default Cockfosters depot WW2 pillbox

On 23/06/2019 13:44, wrote:
Saw this as I took a rare trip up to cockfosters today, never noticed it
before - must have been behind vegetation. There's very little about in
online other than it was meant to defend the depot. I'm no military expert
but I can't really see what its purpose would have been. If the germans
had got to cockfosters then it would have been game over for the tube and
probably the country so what was the point?

Anyway here's a google maps link:

Depends which way round London they were going. One of the problems in
1939-1940 was the British assumption that the Germans would invade East
Anglia as it was good tank country with good beaches for delivery of
troops and materiel, so the original layout of defences was done with
that in mind. The logic of the pill box at Cockfosters was that the
Germans would try to encircle London round the north side. Then it was
realised that the Germans envisaged the invasion as a (wide) river
crossing as they had done successfully in France and Belgium and would
opt for the shortest route via the Dover Straits.

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