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Anyone going on the trips tomorrow?

The Times report:
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I'm curious why it didn't go on the original District line, through South
Ken and on to Whitechapel? The route they did use was largely overground
(indeed, on viaduct), and some near High St Ken was only covered long after
the original opening.

I'm sure it was a result of wanting to make as many trips per day as
possible. According to the steward in our carriage, there's a 10mph
speed limit approaching every station for this sort of train and the 2hr
return trip diagram (to include boarding and detraining) was plenty long

A longer trip would also have interrupted the normal service too much
(given the slow progress of the steam train).

We brushed shoulders with all three of the character-actors in that
photo, and there were a few more, including a Policeman, and of course
the band.

As for smoke-amd-smells, there was none, and one could be forgiven for
thinking they weren't burning coal at all (they didn't say). Plenty of
steam, and chuff-chuff noises, though.

The only part that wasn't in daylight was from Earl Court station to
outside South Ken. On the first half of the trip we stopped numerous
times in that darkness.
Roland Perry