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Default When is an e-ticket not an e-ticket?

Charles Ellson wrote:
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Thu, 18 Jul 2019, Charles Ellson remarked:
On the local trains, the train companies are contracted by the
Verkehrsverbund, and most often all revenues go directly to the
Verkehrsverbund rather than to the TOC, so the TOC tend to be less
worried about possibility of abuse.

Our equivalent would be a service such as the London Overground, where
TfL get the fares, but the trains are operated by Arriva.

LO doesn't operate in isolation. Much of it has parallel services and
the fares also get collected by operators other than LU. TfL get a
proportion of the fares not all of them.

Did anyone assert that Verkehrsverbund operated "in isolation"?

I don't know, I was addressing TfL not being the inevitable
recipient/beneficiary of the fares money collected on LO routes.

And you think some of the money goes direct to Arriva?

No. What made you think that?

Whatever you meant by the proportion of fares that TfL didn't get.

Lines/stations with LU/LO services don't inevitably have LU booking

They inevitably have no ticket offices.

Except for the ones that do such as those on the DC line north of
Harrow and Wealdstone which are managed by LO; also others south of
the river such as New Cross, stations on the WLL etc. Kilburn High
Road and South Hampstead (both LO only) are also listed by as still having a staffed booking office albeit not
very often.

Well, whatever they are, they're certainly not LU ticket offices.

or no other service provider so the fares in many won't be
received by LU or all allocated to TfL services. Harrow and Wealdstone
station is managed by London Underground but is served by and sells
tickets for LU/LO, London Northwestern and Southern services.

True, but it no longer has a ticket office. It does seem odd that it's
managed by LU, not LO.

The DC line stations also served by LU were all transferred to LU
management. Despite being described as not having ticket offices, many
stations still have the same ticket offices with staff in them and the
same window to converse through. The only practical difference at
those seems to be the lack of ticket-issuing equipment within those
offices so that staff come out to the machines when human intervention
is necessary.

So they're not actually ticket offices, are they? They're basically staff
rooms for the reduced station staff.

There are more station staff than there used to be at the stations
where LU has taken over the management.

More than in recent LO days, or more than in Silverlink days?