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If anyone want to see a very clear-cut example of how a malicious
local authority can use the installation of cycle lanes as a pretext
for sabotaging an important road and creating traffic jams and
air pollution, they should look at the eastern end of Lea Bridge Road.

The new layout made its debut a few days ago. It's August so traffic
levels are far below normal but there is now a permanent queue of
vehicles inching its way towards the junction at Whipps Cross,
itself sabotaged quite recently.

By the end of September when most people will have returned from
their holidays, the traffic problems will be intolerable. Inevitably,
many motorists will look for a feasible alternative route even if that
route is James Lane which has a school, Whipps Cross Hospital and

This act of sabotage was not solely a Waltham Forest effort. I'm quite
sure they had the enthusiastic co-operation of TfL. There are numerous
totally unnecessary new traffic lights, TfL's calling card.

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