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Default Northern Line goes south

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No, the trains do run to a timetable.

Most of us know that

It used to be possible to get a physical copy (I'm beginning to wish
that I
had kept my "collection")

And very possible an online variant, as for busses until they took those
away (or hid them very well) in favour of just informing people using
the journey planner.

Hid them so well that I had to type "london underground working
timetables" into Mr Google's Information Emporium to get them to come up
as the first result.

The Underground Working Timetables are available online:

what a confusing format

East and westbound on alternative pages - might very possibly make sense
in printed form, absolutely useless in PDF form

They're for drivers, not for spotters. Normies never see them. Why are
you channelling Boltar?

The other fact not mentioned is that when the service restarts all of
the drivers will be in the wrong places, which means they'll be hitting
their legal working hours limit in odd places unless the controllers
turn various trains in various places for the next few hours. This won't
affect the central area much, but you will probably get unusually long
intervals at Barnet and Edgware sporadically for the rest of the day.

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