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Default Heathrow Express slashes fares (so it says!)

On 02/11/2019 21:49, Rink wrote:
Op 23-10-2019 om 10:29 schreef Recliner:
tim... wrote:

Interesting, I wondered how HEx would respond. But it sounds like the
cheapest tickets will only be available a long way in advance.

I do not understand anything of the prices for this train.
25 pounds
22 pounds
12,50 pounds
5,50 pounds
16,50 pounds
7,50 pounds
6 pounds
5,10 pounds
3,10 pounds

"cash fare"?
"peak contactless fare"?
"off-peak fare"? (I think I understand this, but do not know the
off-peak times)

How do you explains this to foreigners arriving at Heathrow?

Just charge them the most expensive fare, as they won't know otherwise
(if they've researched it in advance, they'd know). It's a privately
owned airport service, competing with taxis not with other forms of
scheduled public transport.

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