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Default Jobsworth driver

On 21/11/2019 21:14, Clive Page wrote:
On 21/11/2019 14:36, wrote:
I was sitting in a Great Northern train at Finsbury Park this
afternoon when
a Thameslink train pulled in and a couple of women ran out to catch
our train.
Now a normal person in the cab would have waited for them to get on,
but no,
not the one in our train - he shut the doors in their faces.

So either:
A) He wasn't monitoring the platforms when he shut the doors or
B) He's a complete jobsworth tit and waiting 5 seconds beyond the
booked leaving
*** time was Not On.

Either way it was a pretty obnoxious thing to do. Luckily ****s like
him seem
to be rarer these days.

I believe that the drivers on the Thameslink route are specifically
instructed by the management to do this.

A year or two back I made a formal complaint about a driver at Luton
Airport Parkway deliberately closing the doors when lots of people were
still boarding - and this was when there had been a platform alteration
notified to passengers just a minute before the train arrival.* I had
fortunately been standing right by the steps to the overbridge and was
capable of running up one flight and down the other, but anyone not
being in the right place or not athletic enough (which was most of them)
had no chance of changing platform.* It must have been very obvious to
the driver that he had been signalled into another platform at the last
minute but he took no account of this and I expect he delighted in
pulling away with only a fraction of the normal load.* To my surprise
and dismay the management backed him up - they said that avoiding even a
few seconds of delay was more important than allowing passengers
affected by a platform change to react to it.

That's interesting. Perhaps station stops where the passengers are not
able to board in such circumstances should be classified as a cancelled

This is also going to become more common as NR introduce more automatic
route setting.