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Default Latest Heathrow master plan

"Basil Jet" wrote in message
On 07/12/2019 15:49, Roland Perry wrote:

While it's not quite the M25, the A14 is one of the busiest dual
carriageways in the country.

They've recently finished (ahead of schedule) building the green-fields
bypass round the southwest of Huntingdon, and now just need to splice it
onto the old road towards Cambridge and the M11.

Plenty of opportunity to stagger this, achieve it by some crafty
re-arrangement of bollards etc.

But no. They've closed the road from 9pm yesterday until 5am on Monday.

ps The competition now is to see how long the new road takes to get on
various mapping sites, satnavs etc. Tom Tom's doing the best, fsvo,
with not just the road but as I type a 3.5mile eastbound queue on it
before it's even open. Contractors vehicles, the speculation is.

It's surprising that the new alignment starts east of Fenstanton. Over 7
miles of existing dual carriageway with every junction already grade
separated is partly being removed and partly becoming very quiet.

not sure which bit (new or old) you are referring to,

but the original road was totally inadequate, it needed to be at least 3+3
or preferably 4+4.

I think the replacement is to be 3+3 plus a 1+1 local road

And there were too many junctions, too close together, and whilst they were
grade separated they were not all high speed turnouts.

The number of junctions onto the dual carriageway has been reduced with
other roads just joining onto the local road.

Admittedly the new alignment is 3+3 where the old one was 2+2, but it
still looks like they had money to burn.

HMG challenged people to come up with a cheaper solution that would solve
the problem

no-one did