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Default Latest Heathrow master plan

On Sat, 7 Dec 2019 15:49:26 +0000
Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 17:54:39 on Wed, 19 Jun
2019, tim... remarked:

[route for the M25]

The only disruption will come at the end, when the traffic is
diverted to the new route. My guess is that the northbound traffic
will be moved first, with a few weeks of lane 1 closures required
while they connect the new to the old carriageways, then an
overnight closure for the final switch to be made. The same
procedure would then be followed a few months later to divert the
southbound carriageway to the new alignment.

The amount of work you would be expecting them to do "overnight" beggars

I disagree.

Build the two new carriageways. At each end, cut them off very close to
the edge of northbound lane 1 (there's no hard shoulder, right? if there
is, adjust description accordingly).

Cone off northbound lane 1. Spend a week or two filling in the narrow
gap between the old and new northbounds at each end.

Not sure that you even need a closure to switch over. Simply move all
the cones.

Repeat for the southbound (though this time you're closing lane 4).

Yes, that's what I'm expecting.

I have never in my life seen construction companies do this

For once I agree with Tim.

While it's not quite the M25, the A14 is one of the busiest dual
carriageways in the country.

They've recently finished (ahead of schedule) building the green-fields
bypass round the southwest of Huntingdon, and now just need to splice it
onto the old road towards Cambridge and the M11.

And don't the local residents know it. I have some relatives who live in a
village near there. 2 years ago it was lovely green fields down the road
from their house , now theres a bloody dual carraigeway with all the
accompanying noise and pollution they'll soon have to enjoy to follow on from
all the construction work. All so trucks can save 10 mins on their way from
Felixstow instead of putting the containers on trains where they should be.