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Default Cats' lungs

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Graeme Wall remarked:
On 09/12/2019 11:15, Roland Perry wrote:
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2019, Recliner remarked:
exhaust-fumes-6rfx5mtft?shareToken=7b115d8167545e6d7988722da21ee 9e7


Vehicle pollution will be sucked out of the road under plans to install
cat’s eye-style filters at the most toxic junctions.

Technology has been developed that uses low-energy fans between lanes to
pull in exhaust fumes before treating the pollution at the roadside.
Initial tests suggest that it can remove an average of 30 per cent of
dangerous pollutants, including fine particles from brakes and tyres


When cars stop, they trigger a roadside sensor and fans pull in

I doubt that stationary cars create much in the way of particulate
from their tyres and brakes.

Some years ago there was suggestion that the collection of roadside
dirt would be a profitable source of various metals as they can be
present in what would be considered economically viable percentages in
ore samples. So such a fan system could be self-financing.

How many dustbins worth of the dirt do you think would be needed to
recoup the 60k installation cost (let alone the ongoing collection
Roland Perry