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Default Decarbonised Barbican street

On Tue, 17 Dec 2019 16:28:33 -0000 (UTC)
Recliner wrote:
MissRiaElaine wrote:
On 17/12/2019 07:08, Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 03:24:44 on Tue, 17 Dec
2019, Recliner remarked:

Does anyone make a hydrogen car which doesn't emit water vapour?

I love hydrogen cars, I just wish more people would take them up, rather
than pure battery electric vehicles.

We have a fleet of hydrogen buses here in Aberdeen, also there is a
local car club which have a few Toyota Mirai H2 cars on the fleet. The
only problem for cars is the lack of refuelling stations elsewhere in
the country.

Yes, it's that lack of refuelling infrastructure that's holding back
hydrogen cars. Of course, they're still very expensive to build, and so
need a big subsidy. That'll change when volumes rise, but that needs more
refuelling points.

It's easier with buses and trucks plying set routes. Long distance trucks,
in particular, are much more likely to use hydrogen than pure batteries, as
they can have a longer range and much faster refuelling.

Hydrogen requires huge amounts of energy to split from water** and a lot of
energy to compress and to keep it cold and it doesn't get on very well with a
lot of metals over time. Also fuel cells need replacing just like batteries
after a number of years.

** Unless you get it from natural gas and in the process waste a lot of the
energy you would have got from just burning methan but still release all the
carbon that was in it anyway so making it anything but green.