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Default Decarbonised Barbican street

On 18/12/2019 15:56, wrote:

Hydrogen requires huge amounts of energy to split from water** and a lot of
energy to compress and to keep it cold and it doesn't get on very well with a
lot of metals over time. Also fuel cells need replacing just like batteries
after a number of years.

** Unless you get it from natural gas and in the process waste a lot of the
energy you would have got from just burning methan but still release all the
carbon that was in it anyway so making it anything but green.

Wind. Put the necessary equipment at the base of every wind turbine,
there are enough out there. No energy waste at all.

Yes, of course fuel cells need replacing, but so do batteries, and fuel
cells are a lot lighter. Plus the car doesn't need refuelling any more
frequently than the equivalent petrol/diesel car. Battery electrics need
charging far too frequently and if you don't live in a property with
your own driveway or garage, where do you charge it..?

What about on a long journey..? Are you going to sit in a queue for a
charger at a motorway services for three hours while several people in
front of you take a minimum of half an hour to charge up..?

Ria in Aberdeen

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