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Default GOBLIN derailment: RAIB investigation

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11 Feb 2020, Mike Bristow remarked:
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Roland Perry wrote:
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Sat, 8 Feb 2020, Recliner remarked:

About a week ago, a staff member at Leyton Midland Road Station
told me all the track between Wanstead Park and Walthamstow
Queens Road is going to be replaced. They have obviously already
started because yesterday I saw track working equipment on the
railway bridge over Hainault Road.

Although investigating how this occurred is necessary, my main
concern at present is to get the line repaired and re-opened.

We certainly can't wait for the RAIB report, because that takes
typically 8-12 months.

Yes, but how long did they take to inspect the site before turning it
over to the gangs to remove all the track, and with it, the evidence?

Given that repair is going take ~3 weeks (is there an ETA yet?),
and work has been going on for most of that time, I'm not sure it
matters if it took them a few hours or a few days; it's not going
to be a big impact either way.

That's something we rarely get a metric for.

True. It would be interesting to see how quickly the RAIB hand
back the infrastructure to NR,

They most have done that by now. FOI request, perhaps?

and how quickly NR can reinstate
services; I think here it might make at most a 5% difference but
other instances might be more significant.

Roland Perry