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Default TfL's enhanced cleaning regime

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Ian Jackson wrote:
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Billy No Mates wrote:
This is an extract from the weekly TfL newsletter:

Enhanced cleaning regime for public transport

Given one of their drivers has gone down with it I suspect its a bit too
late. Not that its much use against an airborn virus anyway but it probably
makes companies look like they're being proactive doing this sort of thing.

It appears that the driver had not actually gone back to work, so
there's little chance that he would have infected the underground.

Where was he for the five days before he had symptoms while he was
infecting others?

The Tube driver is self-isolating, and the train and depot he worked in is
being deep-cleaned, TfL said.
The driver said he had not worked in any public-facing job since returning
from Vietnam.

What exactly does that mean? That he was only shunting trains around the
depot, or that he was driving trains but had never walked through one
(eg to change ends).

A spokesman added: "The safety of our staff and customers is our top
priority and we are taking all necessary precautions.

"The areas where the driver worked are being cleaned, including the depot
and the trains, in line with guidance from Public Health England with whom
we are working closely."

Roland Perry