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Default Free travel on London busses

On 17/04/2020 18:38, Martin Smith wrote:
On 17/04/2020 17:01, Graham Harrison wrote:
On Fri, 17 Apr 2020 15:25:46 +0100, MissRiaElaine

On 17/04/2020 13:44, Recliner wrote:

"Free travel and middle door-only boarding will be temporarily
from Monday to protect drivers and keep passengers safe from the
coronavirus, the operator said in a statement."

This is all very well, but London is one of the few places in the UK
where buses have middle doors, they certainly don't up here. I'm not
sure how many places other than London do, ISTR York does, but it's been
a while since I was last there.

Same here in Somerset on my local buses (which are sometimes high
floor dual use vehicles not pure buses. The double deck park and ride
buses in Bath are also single door (or they were back in early March).

I'm not even sure all London buses have dual doors. I thought I'd seen
some single door single deckers back in January.

most London buses now have 2 doors, and the boris buses 3 doors, there
are afew single door single deckers but they are usually only in service
when there is nothing else available

I have never seen the 394 route with anything but a single door bus.
And I must have seen them in operation several hundred times given I
walked along part of the route 2 or 3 times a week on average until the

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