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Default OT: Virgin withdraws from Gatwick

"Recliner" wrote in message
Roland Perry wrote:
Well, not completely OT, because of Gatwick Express etc.

Least said the better about the photo, and suing the NHS.

Gatwick is likely to suffer serious damage from all this, just as it moves
forward with its second (shorthaul takeoff only) runway.

well that's a dead duck, for now

fortunately they aren't too far down the path yet.

Virgin is relatively insignificant at Gatwick, but losing it, TC, BA and
Norwegian will hurt. I wonder if Emirates will also follow suit, and also
shut its relatively small Gatwick operation? Gatwick could lose pretty
much all of its premium traffic, and just become a southern version of

IMHO Gatwick will come back in the near future

As I have previously said, I believe that it is business travel that once
gone, will never come back.

but tourist travellers will, and tourists are less wedded to this mantra of
"Heathrow or nowhere" than business travellers are.

Airlines operating tourists routes will see the sense in moving to an
airport with lower charges that they need to pass on to passengers