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Default Most at risk

Recliner wrote:

Roland Perry wrote:
In message , at 15:25:12 on Mon, 11 May
2020, Recliner remarked:
11986382 I'm not surprised by the care workers, because

they're less likely to have good PPE, more likely to be on zero
hours contracts (and therefore less likely to be tested or
hospitalised if they feel unwell) and, of course, much more likely
to be in contact with virus-infected patients than most NHS staff.

But I hadn't thought of security guards being in a high risk


That's just because of being in contact with lots of different
people I think. When I went shopping last week it occurred to me
that the chap I most needed to avoid was the one at the door
enforcing the "one out, one in" policy". He wasn't social
distancing, and had said exchanged a few words with every entering
and departing customer.

Yes, that's probably it. At Waitrose, I've seen security staff wearing
gloves, masks and face shields, which seems wise. Other supermarkets'
staff seem to be less well protected.

But certainly not every Waitrose ... no gloves, masks or face shields
at Waitrose near me.