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Default Bus Frequency

In message , at 18:56:02 on Thu, 14 May
2020, tim... remarked:

Mine is stubbornly sticking to one every two hours.

Is it a council-supported service?

No, a regular Stagecoach commercial service, and runs 7am-8pm, so
it's viable for commuting if one has to.

once every 2 hours doesn't sound viable for commuting

you either have to arrive at 7:30 or 9:30, or whatever

Someone needs to tell those promoting the Soham station reopening (it's
a 0.5tph line).

However it depends what time of day the buses are; if there was one that
happened to drop off near work at 8.45 and pick up to go home at say
5.30, it wouldn't be too bad.
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