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So this week is the start of the pre-9 am embargo on my card, and face

I usually do my weekly shopping on Tuesday, I left home at 8:55 so as not
be twirley.

Got to the stop at 8:58 just as a bus was arriving, but as it was going
stop short of my destination I let it go. But I needn't have bothered
because it was one that had yet to be converted to accepting payment and
would have got a "free" ride.

Nevertheless, I waited 3 minutes for the next bus number, and touched my
card to "pay"

There are signs at the entrance telling you that masks are required

Some people were wearing masks at the stop, some not, but everyone was
wearing them on the bus.

Boy, does wearing a mask steam up your glasses. I had to take mine off -
glasses that is.

I trust you've invested in some suitably stylish examples, such as these,
snip at under £105 each:

good god

I was expecting something functionally superior

FWIW, none of the shops that were open in the high street had queues at

Come lunchtime I had to make my trip to the Hospital.

As I haven't got out much recently, I decided to walk to the main line
station. This is the first time that I have been there to catch a train
since lockdown.

The side entrance that I would normally used is no longer - it is exit

So I had to walk round to the main entrance where there are barriers up
organise a queuing system. No idea whether there is ever enough people
that this is needed.

Again some passengers on the platform had their masks on, some not. As
the above, I had to keep mine off otherwise I couldn't read the next

Train was about 10% full, none of the seats were marked out of use. Pax
were left to make their own mind up as to where they should sit.

Everybody was masked up

Yes, that confirms other accounts: people are complying, without any
heavy-handed rule enforcement.

In neither direction did I see "helpers" telling people to wear masks or
anybody giving them out to pax who had forgotten them

I think that's only at major stations.

both stations in the 20 busiest in London list

both interchange with underground

I could have done the journey by Underground, NR + bus was quicker