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On 16/06/2020 16:46, wrote:
On Tue, 16 Jun 2020 15:18:46 -0000 (UTC)
Recliner wrote:
tim... wrote:
Train was about 10% full, none of the seats were marked out of use. Pax
were left to make their own mind up as to where they should sit.

Everybody was masked up

Yes, that confirms other accounts: people are complying, without any
heavy-handed rule enforcement.

I don't know about the trains but in the buses they are most certainly not.
I saw a number going past today with half the passengers unmasked. And good
for them. I won't be wearing one either next time I use PT.

Nor will I, fortunately they haven't introduced that ridiculous practice
up here, at least not yet. My condition (mild autism) means that I
cannot relate easily to people in a face-to-face situation unless I can
*see* their faces.

Not only that, they are worse than useless unless used *properly* which
rules out pretty much everybody except medical professionals.

Time was if someone had a mask on and they walked into a shop, they'd be
trying to rob the place..! In my motorcycling days I was regularly told
to remove my helmet when paying for petrol etc.

Ria in Aberdeen

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