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Default Near miss on Met

On Wed, 24 Jun 2020 10:55:36 -0000 (UTC)
Recliner wrote:

No, I don't think ut has been posted.

Don't know if this has already been posted:

How on earth can this happen? Surely the chiltern driver knew what side of

line he was on? And why didn't the tripcocks work or have they been removed
from that section of line now?

It looks like it was perhaps a track/points fault that took the Chiltern
train across a crossover towards the Chesham line. The driver duly stopped.

THE RAIB is investigating a reported near-collision between a London
Underground train and a National Rail service on Sunday night.

An image from the scene shows a Chiltern Railways unit and a train of
Metropolitan Line S-Stock at a stand just a few metres apart at Chalfont &
Latimer, the junction for the Chesham branch.

Reports have claimed that the Chiltern train took the wrong route at a
crossover, taking it towards the Metropolitan unit, and other unconfirmed
reports say that the points and track were damaged.

By the train or before it went across?

A Chiltern train shouldn't have crossed over, so it was presumably a points
fault that took it on to the wrong line.

It couldn't have been going very fast or would have derailed.

The train would have just stopped at the station, so it would have been
moving slowly.

I think this is the crossover:

The Transport for London website was still reporting no service on the
Chesham branch on Tuesday afternoon, and attributing the suspension to a
‘track fault’.

Probably the most serious type of fault other than the rail collapsing. This
could have been seriously nasty.

Yes, if it had happened to a train that hadn't just stopped, there would
have been a head-on collision.