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Default Near miss on Met

In article , writes
Don't know if this has already been posted:

How on earth can this happen?

Possibilities based on what I can see:

(1) Met train is heading for Chesham, the points are therefore set to
cross over, and the Chiltern train SPADed.

(2) Previous train through the area was a Met train to Chesham, the
points haven't been moved since, and the Chiltern train SPADed.

(3) Either of (1) or (2) but a wrong-side signalling failure meant the
Chiltern train got a green signal.

(4) Either of (1) or (2) but the signaller authorized the Chiltern
driver to pass the signal at danger.

(5) Repeat of Farnley Junction: a wiring fault meant the normal and
reverse positions of a crossover were exchanged in the signalling.

(6) Repeat of Barnham: an earth fault meant the points moved as the
train approached them.

I'm sure there are more possibilities. We'll have to wait and see what
the RAIB have to say.

Surely the chiltern driver knew what side of the
line he was on?

The crossover is close to the station, IIRC, so he would have gone into
emergency braking as soon as he either saw the points facing the wrong
way or when he realized he was on the crossover. Don't forget trains
take some distance to stop.

Clive D.W. Feather