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Default Farringdon to Moorgate

On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 20:48:07 -0000 (UTC), Recliner

Charles Ellson wrote:
On Fri, 10 Jul 2020 17:26:13 -0000 (UTC), Anna Noyd-Dryver

Recliner wrote:
Basil Jet wrote:

"Another Station, Another Mile" says at...

... that the abandoned national rail lines from Moorgate to Farringdon
might see re-use as part of a plan to increase capacity on the C/M/H
lines. Does anyone know what he means?

They're being converted into sidings to stable eight S7 trains, needed
because the number of such sidings was reduced when these trains replaced
the shorter C stock. They won't be used as running lines.

Where have these eight trains been living for the last six years, then?

IIRC "in the wrong place" in the form of being parked in less
convenient places outwith traffic hours. Siding space has been lost at
Wembley Park because S stock is too long. That accounts for 4 or 5
trains and until recently there was at least one away at any one time
for mods.

I think some were also lost at Triangle sidings

Yes, that definitely looks a bit less crowded now.

and Hammersmith.

Too long for the sheds until alterations made ?

Google turns up some reference to Lillie Bridge now being used for
stabling S stock.