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Default Hammersmith Horror story

On 14 Sep 2020 10:18:30 GMT
Marland wrote:

This bridge is Sadiq Kahns and Hammersmith councils responsibility. Both
Labour and just as ineffectual as the Tories. The calibre of politician we
have at the moment in all parties is just laughable.

As I understand it knowing a quick resolution was beyond the resources of
TFL and Hammersmith
approached the Government for financial assistance and was turned down.

Quite possibly. Perhaps Rishi can visit his magic money tree again.

Given they've now banned pedestrians and cyclists from the bridge one can
only assume its gone beyond needing repair and has moved into dangerous
structure territory. I wonder what effect that'll have on river traffic
beneath if they're worry bits are going to fall off.

All River traffic has been prohibited.

Unlike the roads where diversions though inconvenient exist the
alternatives for river users are far less.

The idea though of bits falling off might make the University Boat Race a
bit more interesting if that possibility exists as a handicap, though no
doubt if the prohibition is still in place when the time comes the upper
crust associates that surround the event will get an exemption denied to
ordinary folk who just want to pass under in their mirror dinghy.