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Sam Wilson wrote:
Graeme Wall wrote:
On 10/01/2021 10:36, Recliner wrote:
There's a tweet from Tim this morning reminding us that today is the 157th
anniversary of the opening of the Metropolitan Railway, complete with
then-and-now pictures of Baker Street station:

At opening, there were broad gauge tracks, but narrow platforms; now, there
are visibly wider platforms that take advantage of the narrower tracks. The
skill of the presentation of the original 'look' is very apparent.

Nice comparison of pictures.

Like many paintings the older one exaggerates the cathedrality(?) of the
station. Either that or people were only about 4’ tall 150 years ago.

Yes, some of the comments mentioned that. I wonder how platform heights
compared then and now? Perhaps they were a bit lower then?

People may indeed have been slightly shorter then, but the artist certainly
seems to have used some licence to make the station look less
claustrophobic. He was probably commissioned by the Metropolitan and duly
flattered his customer's product.