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Default New piccadilly line trains

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Lets hope sense prevails and once these have had a good shakedown on
picc they order them for the bakerloo, central and W&C instead of
time and money on yet another round of tenders to do the exact same

That's what LU wants to do, with only short gaps between orders, so the
Goole factory can stay in continuous production, and perhaps even move on
to a new Jubilee line fleet. But there's only the budget for the first
phase of the Piccadilly order, not even the second phase (the extra
to take advantage of the higher frequencies possible with the planned,
currently unfunded, new signalling system).

TfL doesn't have the funding for anything beyond that, and the DfT and
Treasury are not being generous to Labour mayors. If, by some amazing
chance, we have Mayor Bailey after May, the funding might be more likely
be available.

I suspect the bakerloo extension is dead in the water for another

Are there are Tory marginal seats along the route?

seems unlikely

SE London is a sea of Red until you get to Bromley

And the Bromley Tories don't want it: