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Default Non-topological map of London rail routes

John Rowland wrote:
"James Farrar" wrote in message

Michael Hoffman wrote:

why are there so many DLR stations at
Canary Wharf so close together?

I believe that when the DLR was built,
several of the stations were on
islands and inaccessible from each other on foot.

That's not a reason to build three stations, it's a reason to build the DLR
bridge a little wider and put a walkway(s) along it.

I think the multiple stations are to prevent extended dwell time at Canary
Wharf from destroying the capacity of the entire network, but I've never
seen this confirmed.

I wouldn't have thought so - the Olympia & York development at Canary
Wharf wasn't on the cards until after DLR construction had started.
Canary Wharf station was originally built to the same size as all the
other tiny original DLR stations were, but it never opened like that.

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