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Default Minimum speed limit sign after the dartford tunnel?

"Cast_Iron" wrote in message
John wrote:
on a blue background - is this a minimum speed limit
sign? I didnt think the UK had them.

Yep. In the Highway Code and I've seen them elsewhere too.

Please please pretty please can we have some on the A303
the shed-draggers are out :-)

A shed-dragger being?

I believe The Right Honourable Gentleman is referring to "a caravan".

This is a plastic and wood confection that serves as home for so-called
"trailer trash" in the colonies but, for some reason, British owners of such
constructions feel obliged to tow them around the nation's roads at weekends
and each Bank Holiday, thereby replacing the congestion caused at other
times by mothers in mpvs taking a child to the local comprehensive zoo.

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